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Trail Names - The Good, Bad, And The Really Ugly

Acquiring a trail name has become something of a cultural tradition while hiking the great Appalachian Trail, but the practice is becoming more and more commonplace throughout the U.S. and Canada in other prime hiking regions. A trail name can be anything at all, from TV or cartoon characters, to animals, places, products, or something that happened while hiking. Having a Trail Name can give you the feeling of leaving the real world and your troubles behind while you are out on the trail. You may find that after only a few days of hiking, your formal name will drop away as trail names are used exclusively. There's a kind of charm and fun to having a trail name bestowed on you as you are welcomed into a group. Some AT purists feel strongly that trail names should be earned through a kind of initiation process, but you can decide for yourself how you get your name. It really is a personal choice.  

Aquire A Trail Name While Hiking The ATAdvantages Of Choosing Your Own

The main advantage of choosing your own trail name is so you don't get stuck with a name you don't like. Just a few clicks of our Trail Name generator can give you an idea of just how wrong a trail name can go. Be warned, while on the trail, any rash, burn, bite, fear, food preference, or unfortunate release of air can become your new trail name in a flash. If you have dreams of becoming a trail trekking legend you're going to need the right trail name. Our trail name generator is a fun and easy way to see the many types of trail names available to you. You will also see how difficult it is to come up with a really great t and unique name. Do you have any idea how many "Something Eagles" and "Something Wolfs" are already out there stomping the trail?. 

Ruff N Ready Trail Names

While hiking longer sections of the trail, those hiking alone or women hiking in small groups sometime like to choose Trail Names or Hiking Nicknames that sound intimidating. The idea is to appear larger than life to make let people know they are not to be messed with. Some female hikers also may choose a trail name that doesn't necessarily reveal their sex so that when they make entries in trail logs or shelter log books they don't appear like easy prey. Whether any amount of danger is real or imagined, if it helps Grizzly Bear, Chainsaw, and Scarface sleep better at night then maybe its not a bad idea.

Dealing With Trail Name Writer's Block

Choosing a trail name should be fun. If its not, then you're doing something wrong. Ask a friend or hiking buddy for their input and ideas. While kicking around potential trail names you might become a bit frustrated if you can't make up your mind but don't worry, you are probably closer to a choice than you realize. One way to make some progress is to write down 3-4 potential trail names you at least kind of like and then leave them for a few hours. Give yourself a break and go do something else for awhile. When you return you may find one name fits you perfectly or perhaps you can put the names together in a combination you like. 

All of your hiking mates should have a trail name. Not only is it a lot of fun, it brings a sense of camaraderie to your group. Long after your hiking experience is over you and your hiking mates will no doubt have fond memories of your trail names and your time out on the trails. If you have friend or family member that needs a trail name, use the quick "Tell A Friend" form below.

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You Refuse To Use A Trail Name Generator?  

For those that refuse to leave such things to chance, there is always choosing a name themselves. What is unique about you?  Sometimes we can't see what's right in front of our own eyes. It takes someone like your hiking mates or a total trail stranger to tell you. Perhaps you always wear a red hat, or every time you hear a bird chirp you can't help but chirp back. (If you've never met anyone before that does that, consider yourself lucky.)  Maybe you're the one that's always saying "Are We There Yet?". There's one in every crowd. 

Do you care to share your thoughts on trail names? Or do you have any words or phrases that you think we should add to our Trail Name Generator? Drop us an email at The We look forward to hearing from you.

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